Microsoft Coffee

Secrets, with SHA256 Hashes

  1. People who did the prank: 818c72d810d19708a9c574b58158ba2acbc5a1665d13ba0706b10aad05ce18b8

  2. Deep secrets about the prank: 4e68e3520eb619eb3f6ef9828d2d7b2a27d2c212e65f1f6dc193fcb976aa56a7

  3. No real secret, just a hash to prove it's me without revealing identity: 65edaefdef6648f5901efb80b86e4e9048ee38e619dc6be2ae07dfb90a4b4a5d

If I decide to reveal these, the text of the secret will match these, when using SHA256 hash.

The Last Prank Before PR Ruined Everything

You can read that story at